Bettor Turns $2 Into Over $24k In One NFL Parlay That Just So Happened To Be Their First Bet

Ethan Miller/Getty Images


DraftKings announced via Twitter that a bettor hit a smooth $24,707.07 on a $2 parlay. If that isn’t wild enough, it was the player’s first-ever bet with the sportsbook too.

The most incredible part of the nine-team parlay that jacked up the odds were the bettor’s predictions on the Saints, Lions, Vikings, and Browns all to win by 1-6 points. Following those bets were a few prop bets mixed in that consisted of Aaron Rodgers to throw for more than 2.5 touchdowns, Drew Lock throwing over 1.5 touchdowns, and Derek Carr to throw for over 259.5 total passing yards which he has done just once in his previous five games.

Every single gambler out there is looking at this parlay thinking “why not me?” Here I am just begging to break my recent 0-5 streak and this guy just comes waltzing into a new sportsbook account and walks away with $24k and change.

The truth is, nobody can predict something as wild as this and it’s the reason it is the headline story that it is now. I would love to ask this person whether or not they actually watched every one of their bets closely or just happened to check their account at the end of football Sunday and see an extra $24,000 in their account. I would like to think that covered the beers and chicken wing bill at whatever bar this bettor was watching the games at.

Good for them though right? It is like a beginner golfer making a hole in one during his first-ever golf round, you have to be happy for them, yet you are so mad it wasn’t you.