NFL To Broadcast Playoff Game On Peacock, Fans Not Happy About it

NFL ball in playoff matchup

Getty Image / Nic Antaya

It’s no secret that the NFL is one of, if not, the biggest sports organization in America.

The Super Bowl is highly watched every year and the playoffs are no different.

However, it sounds like the league is venturing into a new world when it comes to the NFL Playoffs after making an announcement with Peacock.

On Tuesday, the league announced that it will be broadcasting a playoff game on the streaming service.

NFL fans are basically rioting over this announcement, as the league seemingly added another streaming service for people to sign up with if they want to watch a game.

Making a deal with Amazon Prime was one thing. However, those games take place on Thursday night and feature regular season matchups.

But playing an NFL Playoff game on Peacock has fans feeling a certain kind of way.

Straight to jail.

The fans definitely lose.

I couldn’t agree with this GIF more.

Someone has to bring the country together.

Even Peacock subscribers hate the idea of an NFL Playoff game being broadcasted on the streaming service.

You’d think the league would want to make the games more accessible. They’re kind of doing the exact opposite with this decision.

Is cable going to make a comeback?

The only real winners with this deal are the NFL and Peacock. Let’s just hope your favorite team doesn’t get chosen to play in this game.

Otherwise you’ll have to go through the hassle to signing up for a free subscription then immediately canceling.