NFL Ref Gets Fired After Missing Blatant False Start In Browns-Chargers Game, Becomes First Midseason Firing Of An Official In Super Bowl Era

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According to Football Zebras, down judge Hugo Cruz has become the first ref fired during the season in the Super Bowl era a couple weeks after he missed a blatant false start by Los Angeles Chargers offensive tackle Russell Okung which led to a touchdown for the Chargers.

Apparently Cruz had a history of bad calls which led to the firing.

One of the sources confirmed that Cruz was not “maintaining a very high level of performance over a sustained period,” while another told Football Zebras in March that Cruz’s future with the league was already in jeopardy.

Here’s the video of the play in question.

Browns fans, who have to deal with questionable officiating the past few weeks, agreed with the NFL’s decision to let go of Cruz.

Now that Pandora’s box has been opened I wonder if we’ll see more firings of NFL officials in the future.

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