The NFL Has Banned Crossbar Dunking

When Jimmy Graham caused a significant delay by destroying the goalposts during a post-touchdown celebration last season in Atlanta, you knew the NFL was going to respond — and respond with force.

It took a bit, but today they dropped the hammer.

NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino told the “Dan Patrick Show” on Tuesday that dunking over the crossbar¬†will be penalized, starting in the 2014 season.

There already was a rule in place against using the football as a prop in celebrations. Penalizing dunks is an enforcement of the existing rule, as opposed to a new rule on the books.

“We grandfathered in some, the Lambeau Leap and things like that. But dunking will come out,” Blandino said. “Using the ball as a prop or any object as a prop, whether that’s the goal post, the crossbar, that will come out and that will be a foul next season.”

If Twitter is any indication — and it usually is because that’s where the best opinions gather — the announcement is not being welcomed with open arms. Some very clever people have even called Roger Goodell’s organization the No Fun League.

Sick burn.

[H/T: NFL]