The NFL Has Banned Crossbar Dunking

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When Jimmy Graham caused a significant delay by destroying the goalposts during a post-touchdown celebration last season in Atlanta, you knew the NFL was going to respond — and respond with force.

It took a bit, but today they dropped the hammer.

NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino told the “Dan Patrick Show” on Tuesday that dunking over the crossbar will be penalized, starting in the 2014 season.

There already was a rule in place against using the football as a prop in celebrations. Penalizing dunks is an enforcement of the existing rule, as opposed to a new rule on the books.

“We grandfathered in some, the Lambeau Leap and things like that. But dunking will come out,” Blandino said. “Using the ball as a prop or any object as a prop, whether that’s the goal post, the crossbar, that will come out and that will be a foul next season.”

If Twitter is any indication — and it usually is because that’s where the best opinions gather — the announcement is not being welcomed with open arms. Some very clever people have even called Roger Goodell’s organization the No Fun League.

Sick burn.

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