NFL World Reckons With Reports The NFL Will Look To Suspend Deshaun Watson For ‘At Least’ One Season

NFL Fans React: Deshaun Watson To Be Suspended For 'At Least' 1 Year

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  • Deshaun Watson recently settled with 20 of his 24 accusers.
  • The NFL’s investigation into the embattled QB continues, though.
  • Reports indicate the league will look to suspend the 26-year-old for “at least” one season.

With Deshaun Watson’s disciplinary hearing with the NFL set to finally begin on Tuesday, reports about what sort of punishment the NFL will pursue have begun to leak out.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal on Sunday, the NFL is looking to suspend Watson “indefinitely”, with the suspension “lasting for at least a year.” The report comes just a few days after Watson settled with 20 of the 24 women accusing him of sexual misconduct.

Following the bombshell report from the Wall Street Journal, NFL fans took to social media to react to the news, with a majority of the focus seemingly placed on the Cleveland Browns and the stupidity that led them to make such an acquisition.

NFL world reacts to reports that the league will look to suspend Deshaun Watson for “at least” one full season

Regardless of what ultimately happens with Watson this season, the Browns’ decision to invest the future of their organization in him feels dumber and dumber with each passing week.

Not only did the Browns send three first-round picks (plus a third-rounder and a fourth-rounder) to the Texans for exchange for Watson, and not only did they alienate former #1 overall pick Baker Mayfield, but they almost inexplicably signed Watson to a FULLY GUARANTEED 5-year, $230 million deal.

Even for an organization as infamously dysfunctional as the Cleveland Browns, if the NFL gets their way with the Deshaun Watson suspension, the team’s decision to acquire the QB might go down as one of the worst trades/contracts in the history of the league.

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