NFL Writer Has Positive Update On San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Trey Lance


Getty Image / Michael Zagaris

  • Trey Lance will be taking over as the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers next season
  • Today, an NFL writer revealed that he is hearing positive things about the 2nd year quarterback
  • Lance has reportedly made huge improvements over the past few months

It’s beginning to seem like all of the concern about Trey Lance taking over as the starting quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers may have been unnecessary.

Early on in the offseason there were reports that Lance may not be ready to be the team’s starting quarterback. Recently, the reports on him have been loaded with positives.

Today, NFL Writer Peter Schraeger revealed that Lance has made massive improvement over the last few months.

“Trey Lance grew leaps and bounds the past few months, from what I’m told, as far as playbook and voice in the locker room.”

According to Schraeger, those improvements have included his role as a leader for the 49ers.

“Trey Lance has been with the team. Trey Lance has been leading practices. Trey Lance has been leading guys. Trey Lance has been throwing with wide receivers. I don’t know if the train has left the station as far as who are you going into battle with Week 1.”

Lance truly growing into his role as the 49ers’ is great news for the team as they attempt to maintain the high level of play that got them to the NFC Championship game last season. If the potential that convinced the 49ers to draft him at pick 3 last season is beginning to show, he could make their offense much more interesting than it ever was with Jimmy G.