NHL Team Using Twitter Poll To Figure Out Where To Build New Stadium

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Getty Image / Jaylynn Nash

The last couple of years have been a bit of a mess for the Arizona Coyotes.

Not only have they been bad on the ice, finishing last season as the Western Conference’s worst team and this year as it’s 4th worst, but they’ve also had a tough time off the court.

Last season, they were almost locked out of their arena because they hadn’t paid their rent.

They got the rent issue settled before they got kicked out of the arena, but they still ended up looking for a new home for the following season.

They ended up in Mullett Arena, which only holds 4600 fans for their home games.

They had been hoping they would have a new arena built in Tempe, but voters decided this week that they didn’t want the arena built.

That has left the Coyotes with some major questions about their future including whether or not they would continue to reside in Arizona.

Today, they took to Twitter to post a poll for fans to ask where they should build their new stadium. The 4 options are Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, or Gilbert.

It’s a bit surprising at this point that a return to Glendale hasn’t at least been presented as an option. Desert Diamond Arena doesn’t exactly have a packed schedule outside of concert season.

If that still isn’t a real option, then any of these 4 areas would all have open space available build an arena on. They all might have a similar distance issue to what some fans experienced when the team played in Glendale, but would still be much better than losing the team to another state.

Whatever they end up doing next, it appears the Arizona Coyotes are looking into whatever options they can to keep an NHL team in Arizona.