Nick Saban’s 91-Year-Old Mom Interrupted Alabama Practice Just To Trash Talk Him

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There aren’t many people out there who can talk trash to Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

But apparently his 91-year-old mother, Mary, is one of those people.

Saban is one of the greatest college football coaches of all-time. He has seven national championships to his name, 10 SEC titles and 281 career victories.

But none of that means anything to Mary Saban, who took no prisoners when it came to trash talking her legendary son.

Brett McMurphy of The Action Network shared the story of how she once stopped an Alabama practice in its tracks just to talk trash to the Crimson Tide coach.

McMurphy says that an Alabama staffer took a call from Saban’s then 81-year-old mother during a Spring practice in 2013. When the staffer asked whether he could leave a message for the coach, Mary Saban reportedly responded “absolutely not. Put my son on the phone — now!”

As he tells it, the staffer then approached Saban and said, “Coach, your mom is on the phone. She said she has to talk to you right now.”

Nick Saban then took a call on the practice field for the first time in his career, concerned that his mother might have a medical issue.

But it was far, far worse. And much, much funnier.

“She says ‘brother’ — everyone from West Virginia calls each other ‘brother’ — ‘Brother, I just wanted to let you know I just made a hole-in-one and you’ve never made one,’” Saban told McMurphy.. “Yes, she really called me during practice to tell me she made a hole-in-one.”

What a legend.

It’s not hard to see where Saban got his competitive fire from.

Thankfully for Saban, he’s since made a hole-in-one.

So she can’t hold that over him anymore. But something tells us there’s plenty more s— talking going on in the Saban household.