Nick Saban Viciously Denies Alabama Spring Game Losers From Eating Cake In Exemplary Viral Video

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Nick Saban is a firm believer that success is earned in every situation. Especially during Alabama’s annual ‘A-Day,’ which is the blown-out, Crimson Tide version of their spring football game.

After wrapping up the spring practice session last week, Alabama held its A-Day scrimmage on Saturday. As is tradition in Tuscaloosa under Saban, the winning team gets a feast while the losing team is served hot dogs and beans with white bread.

Whichever side ends up victorious in the spring game gets to chow down on juicy NY Strip steaks, broccoli, baked potatoes, dinner roles, all kinds of salads and chocolate cake. The losing team does not.

Here is a look at the meal from 2019:

This year, it was the White team that beat the Crimson team. In turn, the White team got to to enjoy a delicious meal on Monday while the Crimson team could only watch.

Literally. Saban did not allow the losing team to enjoy any of the riches. Even when their year-round teammates offered them a treat across spring game team lines.

A video from the not-so-shared meal showed winning linebacker Dallas Turner try to share a piece of cake with two losing players. Nick Saban denied the losers the peace offering.

Considering that Saban is the greatest college football coach of all-time, he has a method to his madness. If you want to eat like kings, you better win!