Nick Saban Reveals The Mastermind Behind His Spring Game Outfits And It Comes As No Surprise

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Although he doesn’t rock a suit on the sidelines during the regular season, Nick Saban always brings the drip for Alabama’s ‘A-Day’ spring game. Every year, the head football coach of the Crimson Tide comes out dressed to the nines.

Somewhere along the way, Saban adopted a new tradition. Not only does he wear the suit, but the jacket that he pairs with the suit is always a little bit flashy.

In particular, a pastel jacket has become what to expect from the 70-year-old.

Here is a breakdown of what he has worn in the past:

  • 2009 — Grey
  • 2010 — Baby blue
  • 2011 — Grey
  • 2012 — Gret
  • 2013 — Tan
  • 2014 — Grey
  • 2015 — Salmon
  • 2016 — Blue
  • 2017 — Blue
  • 2018 — Salmon
  • 2019 — Grey with pink plaid
  • 2020 — n/a
  • 2021 — Pink

As a result of his fashion history, one of the biggest storylines leading up to the 2022 A-Day on Saturday was what color suit Saban will wear. He was asked about the origin of the pastel suit jackets — particularly the pink — during a public appearance earlier this week and his response was perfect.

Saban said that his wife, Miss Terry, is behind the entire wardrobe.

He just follows her advice and goes with whatever she picks out.

“Hey, Miss Terry does that,” Saban said with a smirk. “I just do what she tells me.”

Miss Terry is the first lady of football and although she doesn’t get too involved with Alabama football’s day-to-day operations, she does handle a large portion of A-Day. Her duties include making sure that Saban brings the heat to the sideline.