Nick Sirianni’s Precocious Daughter Was The MVP Of The Eagles’ Post-Game Press Conference

nick sirianni walks to locker room

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The Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl after soundly beating the beat-up San Francisco 49ers 31 to 7 on Sunday.

After the game, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni was very emotional on the field, saying going to the Super Bowl is “something you dream about as a kid.”

Now, thanks to his coaching and the play of his team, his kids don’t have to just dream about it. They’re going too.

Not that they appeared to care much about that during the post-game press conference where they absolutely stole the show, much to the chagrin of the Eagles’ coach.

If Nick Siranni doesn’t bring his daughter to every press conference he does from now we should riot.

This is genius-level meta-deconstruction of every sports press conference and she is maybe 4 years old? Unleash Taylor!” someone else tweeted.

“Taylor’s going places, it’s not another press conference with her dad, but places,” joked another fan.

“I need more of Taylor’s post game thoughts tbh. We’ve heard from Nick, time to hear how Taylor feels,” another fan requested, with good reason.

How can you not love those kids?

The whole thing is made even better by the fact that she spun her hat around and was wearing it backwards by the end of the performance.

NBC Sports Philadelphia provided a nice breakdown of all of Nick Sirianni’s kids fun shenanigans.

Seriously, if Taylor and her siblings don’t have their own station on Super Bowl Media Day there should be an investigation. Preferably not one run by the NFL.

“Why’d he tell her to stop?? That was the best part!” tweeted another one of Taylor’s new fans.

As if we needed it, it now looks like America has at least one more reason to root for the Eagles (but only if Nick Sirianni promises to bring the kids to the Super Bowl post-game presser if he wins).

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