Nick Young Is Getting Roasted Over This Los Angeles Lakers Hot Take


Getty Image / Harry How

With the Los Angeles Lakers struggling so far this season, fans are starting to panic about their chances in the playoffs. It’s understandable why. The team has played poorly and struggled to stay healthy. To make matters worse, it’s unlikely that any help is on the way.

That hasn’t shaken Nick Young’s belief in his former team. Today, he took to Twitter to drop a hot take on the Los Angeles Lakers.

He probably didn’t get the response he was expecting. He got absolutely roasted by the Twitter world over his Lakers take.

I have to side with the internet on this one. The 22-22 Los Angeles Lakers have given us very little reason to believe they’re built for playoff success. They Lakers especially haven’t given us any reason to believe teams like the Warriors or Suns would be worried about drawing them in the playoffs.

It looks like Nick Young just threw up another brick for the Los Angeles Lakers.