NBC Sportscaster Nicole Castrale Thinks She’s Interviewing Oregon Golfer Sulman Raza But Is Very Wrong

My initial takeaway here is that I’m pretty surprised that college golf gets this much coverage. And by this much, I mean any. At all. I always thought you had to illegally stream college golf if you wanted to watch it. Or physically go sit on the course the teams were playing on. So really, I’m more surprised that Nicole Castrale was at this tournament than I was that she didn’t know who she was talking to.

In defense of Castrale, I wouldn’t know who these kids were if they were wearing name tags. Plus, she helped put Sulman Raza, who sunk the putt to win Oregon their first national golf title, on all of our radars. If the dude had just won and then been interviewed, no one would have seen it or cared. Despite this, Castrale is pretty upset about her mistake.

If I were Raza, I’d be out here thanking Castrale. She put him in the map. There’s a 0% chance that anyone talking about Sulman Raza would be doing so if Castrale hadn’t made this mistake.  He at least owes her a thank you. Maybe a drink. Maybe even a dinner date? I mean, what the hell, she’s pretty cute. Why not let everyone win here?

[h/t Busted Coverage]