The Most Badass Surfing Session Of 2016: Surfers Riding LED Surfboards At Night Is F’n Awesome

This past weekend marked the 22nd edition of the Anglet Surf de Nuit, a night surfing competition held in Chambre d’Amour in Anglet, France. The Anglet Surf de Nuit is an annual surfing event that involves a bunch of dudes paddling out in the middle of the night, usually with huge flood lights illuminating the water. This year the surfers stepped up their game even further when they went out on LED-illuminated surfboards and the resulting footage is nothing short of totally badass.

The Anglet Surf de Nuit was a WSL sanctioned event, and it saw the surfing world elite descending upon Anglet, France for this unique competition. When the last wave was ridden Jorgann Couzinet reigned supreme. While the waves weren’t exactly pumping the action was pretty f’n spectactular. Here are some of those spectacular highlights in GIF:


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