Nikki Bella’s Response To John Cena’s ‘Today Show’ Groveling Was Probably Not What He’d Hoped

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On Monday, John Cena revealed, in-depth, to Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on The Today Show just how badly he wants his ex-fiancee and fellow WWE star Nikki Bella back.

A heartbroken Cena told the ladies on Today, “I love her. I want to be with her. I want to make her my wife. I want to be the father of her children. I just want us to work.”


On the positive side, Cena, thankfully, already shaved off his terrible weekend goatee so he’s at least got some shot at winning Nikki Bella back now. With it, he had no chance. But I digress.

Later in the day on Monday, AJ Calloway of Extra caught up with Nikki Bella and her sister Brie on the red carpet at the NBCUniversal Upfront presentation in New York. Of course, he had to ask her what she thought of Cena’s wishes to get her back.

When Calloway told her what Cena said (the quote you read above), Bella, who had not seen the interview, replied, “Wow. Well, I’m speechless. That’s crazy.”

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As for her thoughts on her and Cena’s future, Bella said, “I have hope. I’m at a point in my life where I kind of lost me and I want to find me and work on me. I just want John and I both to live happily ever after whether it’s together or separate and I just don’t want us to go down the road in life and have regrets of like ‘I did this for you’ or ‘you did this for me,’ so I think it’s okay in relationships to take that moment. The day I say my vows, I want to say them once and I want to fully mean them, and so that’s what made me hesitant — am I ready to say these vows?”

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When Calloway wondered if them being on reality TV harmed the relationship (the next season of Total Bellas will cover a lot of the wedding planning as well as what led to the breakup), Nikki said, “I felt so much pressure from the cameras, the world, my family, John, and I think I started taking care of everyone and forgot about me and that’s what caused me, I don’t know, I don’t want to say ‘snapped,’ I don’t want to say ‘a breakdown,’ but something like that, you know?”

People also reported on Monday that a source revealed to them, “John needed to have his bluff called. He said so many times that if Nikki really wanted kids, she should leave him. So you know what? She left him. I don’t think John ever really thought she would do that— that she wouldn’t keep just caving in and giving him exactly what he wanted, exactly how he wanted it.”

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The good news for Cena? The source also said, “She’ll take him back, definitely. She loves him, and she knows he loves her desperately. They’ll get back together and they’ll get married. The wedding they called off no longer felt like their wedding— it was a wedding for TV, a wedding for publicity, a wedding for the fans and for viewers almost. That’s what made them able to walk away from it — it didn’t even feel like their day anymore.”

Check out Nikki Bella’s full reaction to John Cena’s admissions on The Today Show below…

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