WWE Star Brie Bella Told The Most Cringeworthy Story About Her Brother Finding Her Twin Sister’s ‘Gazillion Sex Toys’

WWE Star Nikki Bellas Story About Her Brother Finding Her Sex Toys

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Bros… do you have a sister? If you do, then if you’re like me, when it comes to things like sex, your sister is just a small notch below your mom on the list of things you never, ever want to discuss with them.

So imagine the sheer terror WWE Superstar Nikki Bella’s brother J.J. must have felt when he was tasked with retrieving his sister’s birth certificate only to be confronted with what her sister Brie calls a “gazillion sex toys.”

Because that is a thing that happened.

During the Bella Twins’ appearance on a recent episode of A Little Late With Lily Singh, the sisters were asked by Singh what part their younger brother J.J. plays in their chaotic lives.

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“He’s always a part of everything,” Brie responded. “Like, for example, my sister really needed her birth certificate. I don’t even know why. Was it for a passport? She calls my brother and she’s like, ‘J.J., can you please go into my closet in this drawer, get my birth certificate, and then mail it to me?’

“So he goes, this poor kid, and he opens up her top drawer and he was like ‘she has to be kidding me.’ Am I allowed to say sex toys? A gazillion sex toys! He called her and goes, ‘Your birth certificate is in here?’ and that’s where she hides it.”

Nikki claimed it wasn’t a gazillion, “I’m not Jenna Jameson.”

The reason Nikki hides her birth certificate under her sex toys?

“Because I was just thinking that if anyone was ever to rob me, no one was going to dig under my sex toys to take my Social Security card and my birth certificate,” said Nikki. “I thought it was a great plan, and then – I’m not going to lie – when I got home I remember opening up my drawers like, ‘Ew, my brother has seen and touched these.’ Like, I’m burning them.”

Yeah, SHE thinks she was the one traumatized by her brother handling her “gazillion” sex toys.

“Poor him,” Brie said. “Poor me,” responded Nikki. “And my vagina.”

I don’t knwow about you, but I am so glad I am not related to her.

Especially considering the fact that Nikki openly talks about how great her sex life is with her former Dancing With the Stars partner Artem Chigvintsev is these days. (Sorry, John.)

“The best I’ve ever had. Like, the vagina smiles every time. Artem and I have an amazing sex life,” she told a caller to the twins’ podcast recently.

Yep. So glad.

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