Nikola Jokic Has Hilarious Response To Report About Him Coaching Nuggets Vs. Lakers

Nuggets star Nikola Jokic

Getty Image / Harry How

The Denver Nuggets took a 3-0 lead over the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday night, pushing them one win away from going to the NBA Finals.

Nikola Jokic came up big for his team yet again after having another strong performance.

What makes his Game 3 play so incredible though, is that reports indicate that Jokic was calling plays on the sideline and coaching up his teammates.

This report was brought to Nikola Jokic’s attention and the Nuggets star had quite the hilarious reaction.

When asked about coaching up his teammates on the sideline, Nikola Jokic was quick to shut down the idea of him ever becoming a head coach. He immediately told reporters, “I don’t want want to be a coach.”

Here is the full interaction, as the Nuggets star clearly does not like the idea of being a head coach.

There are plenty of jobs that are worse than being a head coach. But not for Jokic.

Even though he’d probably make a fantastic coach once he eventually retires from basketball. But regardless, we’re not likely to see him on the sideline calling plays in his later years.

You’d also think someone who literally lives and breaths basketball for their career would have some interest in coaching.

But, Nikola Jokic is built different and maybe that’s what makes him so great for the Nuggets.

At the same time, it seems basketball coaches in the NBA are on an incredibly short leash no matter what. We’ve witnessed multiple teams who have won a championship release their coach after being eliminated in the playoffs.

So, perhaps it’s the lack of job security that makes Jokic believe head coaching is a horrible job.

Either way, he’s a phenomenal basketball player. Jut don’t expect to see Nikola Jokic taking on a coaching role anytime soon.