49ers Head Coach Chip Kelly Owns Reporter During Heated Argument Over Colin Kaepernick

by 4 years ago

Earlier today, San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly went out of his way to show his support for QB Colin Kaepernick during a Q&A with reporters.

Well, I think it’s an issue. You look at what’s gone on in Tulsa and Charlotte in the last two nights; it’s an issue that’s at the forefront of our country in that it needs to be addressed, it needs to be taken care of because what’s going on is not right. I think, again, he’s shedding light on a situation that is heinous and shouldn’t happen in this country. We all have inalienable rights as a citizen of this country and they’re being violated and that’s what I think Colin is standing up for.

During a press conference late afternoon, Kelly got into a heated exchange with Santa Rosa Press Democrat columnist Lowell Cohn over Colin Kaepernick and his protest.

Here’s a transcript of

Cohn: “How do you feel when he takes over the locker room and he talks about his concerns? Which are valid and important. I think specifically about after the Rams win, when you beat the Rams, and he was talking about injustice in America and I believe some of the players were uncomfortable with that. How do you feel when he takes over the room?”

Kelly: “I don’t think Colin takes over any room. I think–

Cohn: “Oh he did after the Rams game.”

Kelly: “I can give you my opinion of what I think. I think he’s asked questions about a subject and he’s answering those questions.”

Cohn: “He should turn down — he should say, ‘Talk to me at another time.’ I was in the room. Were you in the room at that time?”

Kelly: “Yeah, I walked by in the locker room. I’m in the locker room.”

Cohn: “Anyways, so we disagree on if he took over the room. Do you think it’s appropriate that he should be talking about those things after a win?”

Kelly: “Yeah, I do. When he’s asked a question, I think he should answer what his feelings are on those questions. If you don’t believe that’s a thing then maybe you shouldn’t ask him those questions.”

Cohn: I didn’t ask him those questions.”

Kelly: “OK.”

Cohn: “We have a fundamental disagreement then.”

Kelly: “That’s the great part–thing about this country, isn’t it?”

Cohn: “Absolutely.”

Kelly: “Awesome.”

Cohen has questioned Kaepernick’s protests for weeks but comes off looking foolish here considering Kaepernick’s teammates have been completely supportive of his protest.

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