College Football Fans Sound Off After Playoff Director Bill Hancock’s Announcement About Expansion

Fans React To Announcement About College Football Playoff Expansion

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  • College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock made a major announcement on Friday regarding expansion to the CFP format
  • College Football fans were waiting for the announcement after the CFP Board of Managers met on Thursday and everyone was quick to react to Friday’s news
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College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock released a major statement this morning regarding College Football Playoff expansion. College Football fans and the vast majority of NCAA football teams are eager for playoffs expansion from 4 to 8, 12, or 16 teams.

The overwhelming majority of football fans are tired of seeing the same teams in there every year. It’s no fun when the season starts and you already know who’s gonna make the playoffs because only 4 teams get in. Alas, the CFP Board of Managers and the CFP Management Committee don’t seem to care what the people want.

No College Football Playoff Expansion For At Least 4 More Years

The opening portion of the statement about College Football Playoff expansion reads:

“The Board of Managers has accepted a recommendation from the Management Committee to continue the current four-team playoff for the next four years, as called for in the CFP’s original 12-year plan. At the same time, the Board expects the Management Committee to continue its discussions of a new format that would go into effect for the 2026-27 season.

“Even though the outcome did not lead to a recommendation for an early expansion before the end of the current 12-year contract, the discussions have been helpful and informative. I am sure they will serve as a useful guide for the Board of Managers and for the Management Committee as we determine what the Playoff will look like beginning in the 2026-2027 season.

This is how generals lose wars? They stick with a plan after the battles have started and they see the plan sucks but say ‘hey, we came up with this plan before the battle so we’re going to stick to it.’ Fortunately for the NCAA, they have no competition.

It’s not as there can be a Saudi Golf League equivalent to College Football that pops up and says ‘come play in our 12-team College Football Playoff expansion’ and we’ll pay you more money.

NCAAF Fans React To News About No Playoff Expansion Coming

Abandoning a plan that worth BILLIONS more is a wild move…

I can’t help but wonder if the NCAA is too focused on how to handle NIL changes and can’t worry about playoffs expansion

You can read the full statement by clicking that tweet above.

I’ve yet to see any College Football fan that is pleased with this decision. Even Alabama and Ohio State fans want to beat the best every year to validate their titles. Nobody wins with this decision to delay College Football Playoff expansion for another four or more years.