Noah Syndergaard Backs Off Insults Thrown At The Mets… Then Immediately Throws More Insults At The Mets

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  • Noah Syndergaard threw some shade at his former team following Los Angeles’s no-hitter on Tuesday night
  • The pitcher fired off a few more insults at the Mets after receiving criticism for the original comments
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Noah Syndergaard has been making headlines today.

The Angels pitcher has found himself in some hot water with his former fanbase for a few comments following Tuesday night action.

Teammate Reid Detmers threw a complete game no-hitter against the Tampa Bay Rays in a 12-0 blowout. ‘Complete game’ being the key words, here.

After the feat, Syndergaard came on to both congratulate the rookie, Detmers, as well as throw some shade at his old team, the Mets.

He posted on an Instagram story that Detmers’s hitless outing was what a “real” no-hitter looks like, seemingly in reference to a New York no-hitter earlier this year where they used multiple pitchers to close out the game.

After media outlets in New York got wind of the post, they immediately took to social media to write about the jab. And, of course, Syndergaard denied that the comments had anything to do with his former employer.

Noah Syndergaard barks back at New York media

Syndergaard bit back at New York media on Twitter.

“Hate to break to you, but this song ain’t about you. This was about Reid, a great teammate, throwing a 1 pitcher no-hitter, which is a rarity by today’s game standards. Mets have a good team, enjoy that instead of stirring shit. As do the Angels, so drop the drama and move on.”

It sort of seems like Syndergaard is the one having trouble moving on, though. He continued his back and forth with the Mets with another insult.

Noah Syndergaard takes another shot at the Mets

Syndergaard then went on to post that a true no-hitter does, in fact, involve just one pitcher, and that Mr. Met is a “creep.”

Thor is off to a great start with his new club, posting a 3-1 record with a 2.45 ERA. We’ll see if he keeps the focus on the Angels this year rather than his former team.