Watching The North Dakota State QB Casually Dribble A Football Like A Basketball Is Mind-Blowingly Soothing


iStockphoto / JacqieDickens

Now, I’m not going to lie, I don’t know much about North Dakota State football other than the fact that a) Carson Wentz went there, b) the team plays against Colgate today in the FCS Playoffs Quarterfinals and c) that they have a quarterback named Easton Stick who, in addition to being a finalist for the FCS Walter Payton Award, can dribble a football as if it were a round basketball. And, no joke, he makes it look easy AF.

Thankfully, this marvel was captured on camera today prior to North Dakota State football’s game, with Jim Nagy, the Executive Director of the Senior Bowl, tweeting out the video for all of us to stare at again and again. Take a look below.

Admittedly, I’m a total sucker for most the simplest of things — it’s why I follow an Instagram account called IsYouHigh — but this isn’t something that I’ve ever seen anyone do. As naive as I am to think that some things are more difficult than they actually are until you try it, dribbling a football like a basketball isn’t one of them. I mean, Easton Stick looks like he could break ankles on the hardwood with some dirty, Allen Iverson-like crossover; except he’s using a football.

After a night of boredom on my couch last night doing nothing but watching old 30 for 30s, this is the video that I needed today, so thanks for soothing (and blowing) my mind, Mr. Stick. Also, your name is one of the most underrated badass names in all of sports, so there’s that, too — this F’in guy is definitely a Stick-man, get it?!

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