Notre Dame President Sent This Threatening Letter To Students After They Stormed The Field Against Clemson

Notre Dame Football

Pixabay / David Mark

I’m sure that most of you were either watching in real-time or have seen the footage of Notre Dame students and fans rushing the field after the Irish upset the #1 ranked Clemson Tigers on Saturday night in South Bend. The immediate reaction from the internet was not favorable towards the Irish and the implications of gathering thousands into a small space for celebrating during a pandemic.

Notre Dame president Rev. John. I. Jenkins was notably present at that now ‘super spreader’ event held at the White House where many top-ranking officials got infected. The students put him on BLAST for being there without a mask. He later responded saying that everyone was tested upon arrival and placed in isolation until those rapid results came back.

Aaaaand now the tables have turned. Rev. John. I. Jenkins has fired off this threatening letter to Notre Dame students. Saying that they’re instituting a zero-tolerance policy for any students who fail to comply with their testing policy. Here’s the letter along with his main points below:

1) “Because we are now even more concerned about the potential for contagion in your home communities as you prepare to travel home at the end of the semester, the University will place a registration hold on the record of any student fails to appear for testing when asked to do so. A Registration hold would mean that you are unable to matriculate or register for classes next semester or receive a transcript.”

2) “Furthermore, you may not leave the South Bend area until you receive the results of your exit test. Again, should we discover that you have left the area, we will place a registration hold on your record.”

3) “There will be zero tolerance for any gatherings that do not comport with our health and safety guidelines, on or off campus. Those found responsible for hosting such gatherings will face severe sections.”

He added:

“Our football team showed us how to finish strong on Saturday night. Please finish the semester strong by wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance, washing your hands and completing your daily health check.”

“Furthermore, as outlined above, you must, if you wish to return as a student in the spring semester, appear for testing were notified and not depart until you receive the test result.”

ND President Rev. John. I. Jenkins sent this letter to students on Sunday night following the fans storming the filed late Saturday night. The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame have moved into the #2 spot in both the AP Top 25 and Coaches Poll rankings while Clemson fell to #4 in both polls after their loss to Notre Dame. Alabama took over the #1 spot in both polls, Ohio State remained at #3, and the Florida Gators + Texas A&M also moved up.

Notre Dame football is probably the program that’s most responsible for the ACC playing a full season. Going back months, the Big Ten reportedly thought the ACC and SEC would cancel their seasons after the Big Ten did but Notre Dame reportedly swooped in and messed up those plans. Meanwhile, there’s good news on the vaccine front this morning in case you’ve missed that.