Notre Dame Mulling Major Apparel Change, Fans Offer Their Recommendations

An Under Armour logo on a Notre Dame football jersey.

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Notre Dame is potentially considering a major apparel change as its deal with Under Armour nears its expiration. The Fighting Irish athletics department has partnered with the company for 10 years, but their contract ends after this year.

That had given UA the ability to create new designs for athletic gear, though there’s not much room for change in the program’s classic blue and gold threads. According to a report from Sports Illustrated, the window for negotiating a new deal has ended.

That potentially means a new sponsor is on its way into South Bend, as others put in bids to land the team as a client.

SI’s Ross Dellinger writes that Under Armour’s deal with Notre Dame back in 2014 was said to be the “most lucrative apparel contract in college athletics history.” That agreement signaled a move from away Adidas, the Irish’s previous sponsor.

Dellinger notes that Adidas will be a major player in the upcoming race, as well as Nike.

Here’s more on why Notre Dame possibly let that negotiation window with Under Armour expire.

Over the last several years, Under Armour, experiencing falling sales and stock prices, has worked to cut costs by restructuring or ending sponsorship contracts with athletes, schools and professional leagues, including the NFL. In many ways, the company has withdrawn from being a major player in college athletics.

Under Armour has seen partnerships with UCLA, Cal, Hawai‘i, Cincinnati, and Boston College end though it still holds deals with Auburn, Maryland, South Carolina, Texas Tech, Utah and Wisconsin.

With the news of a new sponsor potentially heading to South Bend, football fans have been quick to post recommendations online.

Nike and Adidas may be the front runners, but these social media users have different ideas.

Some believe there’s a perfect Jordan brand collab sitting right at the program’s fingertips.

Of course, there’s always another NBA related outfit to go with…

It will be interesting to see where Notre Dame goes post-Under Armour, or if they make the change at all. Ranking as one of college sports’ biggest brands, the Fighting Irish will have plenty of suitors calling.