Novak Djokovic Dangles Ultimate Offer In Front Of Underperforming Aussie Nick Kyrgios

Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios

Getty Image / Graham Denholm

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has yet to break through in the Tennis majors and this is something #1 ranked Novak Djokovic believes he can fix.

Kyrgios made the 2022 Wimbledon finals and US Open quarterfinals, but his best Australian Open finish is the 2015 quarterfinals and 3rd round of the French Open (twice).

Novak Djokovic has a record-tying 22 men’s titles in majors, including 10 Australian Open titles. He has 93 singles titles on the ATP Tour. But at 35 years old, his time atop the world tennis rankings are numbered.

Djokovic was recently asked about coaching and he admitted that the one person he would like to coach is Nick Kyrgios but added that his coaching ‘would not come cheap.’

Nick Kyrgios and Novak Djokovic together would simultaneously be an unstoppable force and a ticking time bomb. It would be a match made in heaven that would be destined to erupt on the global stage. The Tennis world needs this to happen.

To Djokovic’s point about his instruction not coming cheap, why not do it for free? He has earned $167 million in prize money in his career and has an estimated net worth of over $220 million.

Why make it about money and not proving to the Tennis world that he’s just as great of a coach as he is a player?

At the very least, we need a podcast with Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios talking about things like the moon landing and Egyptian pyramids.

The ‘bromance’ between Kyrgios and Djokovic is nothing new, but we need it formalized ASAP.

Interestingly, Nick Kyrgios has gotten the better of Novak in head-to-head matchups. Kyrgios has won 2 of their 3 matches with Djokovic winning their only match on grass.

Despite Kyrgios holding the 2-1 edge in matches, the two are very close on games won in those matches. Nick has won 46 games against Novak who has won 44 games against Nick. Kyrgios holds a massive edge with aces though, 69 to Novak’s 20.