Tennis Star Nick Kyrgios Spews Outlandish Conspiracies About Egyptian Pyramids And Moon Landing

Nick Kyrgios

Getty Image / SAEED KHAN / AFP

Logan Paul just made a trip through Australia with his supermodel girlfriend Nina Agdal. While he was down under, Logan Paul linked up with tennis star Nick Kyrgios for an Impaulsive interview.

Logan Paul is now headed to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where his younger brother Jake is set to box Tommy Fury. Naturally, they discussed the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight amongst other things including what it was like for Nick Kyrgios to face Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon at 19 years old.

Somewhat related to the Nadal-Wimbledon discussion, Nick Kyrgios let it slip in the interview that he might have retired from professional tennis if he won Wimbledon in 2022. Kyrgios is only 27 years old so that would’ve shocked the tennis world.

Nick Kyrgios Spews Wild Conspiracy Theories

Near the end of the interview, Logan Paul’s Impaulsive co-hosts goaded Kyrgios into talking about conspiracy theories and he didn’t hold back. Nick says he doesn’t believe the Egyptian pyramids are manmade and he thinks the American moon landing was faked…

One of the reasons Kyrgios cited as the Egyptian pyramids not being manmade is the size of the doors. He said “I don’t think the pyramids are man-made. The doors are pretty big, and we as humans don’t need doors as big as those ones.”

Kyrgios described himself to the guys as “a massive conspiracy guy,” adding that conspiracy theories fascinate him immensely.

When asked if the thinks ‘the world is flat,’ Nick Kyrgios said “I don’t even know what to believe anymore.” Which isn’t a denial. He also said he thinks they could “chat for hours” on these conspiracies.

Speaking about the moon landing, Kyrgios says “American weren’t apparently even close to having anything successfully going up there.” Thus implying the moon landing was faked.

The thing about Nick Kyrgios spewing conspiracy theories is that he truly does not care what other people think. He and Kyrie Irving need to sit down for a chat and film it for the world to see. Enough is enough.