Angry Bull Gores Novice Fighter Through The Throat, Shreds Him Like Hamburger Meat

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Imagine spending years training as a bullfighter. Countless hours of preparation leading up to this one moment. You step into the ring, the crowd is cheering. Your mind is flooded with memories of practice all leading up to this one moment. Then the 1,000-pound bull sticks his fucking horn through your throat, tosses you like a rag doll, and brings you back to reality.

That’s exactly what happened to this novice bullfighter who was gored 4 times during his first official trip to the bullfighting ring. The pissed off bull made quick work of him and sent him to the hospital where he was fighting for his life. 23-year-old Daniel García Navarrete is now on the road to recovery after doctors rushed to close up his wounds.

There was a crowd of 10,000 on hand to watch this happen. If seeing blood makes you uneasy this might be hard for you to watch (Hi-Def photos below):

According to the UK’s Metro, spectators in the bullfighting arena initially only thought that Daniel García Navarrete had been speared through the leg by the 1,000-pound bull. But as other bullfighters rushed to his aid to distract the bull and get him out of there the severity of the situation became obvious, and he was rushed to the hospital.

The 1,000-pound bull had gored Daniel García Navarrete twice in his neck and twice in his jaw. Here’s a hi-def look at one of the most devastating blows:

MADRID, SPAIN - APRIL 02: Bullfighter Daniel Garcia Navarrete is gored by a bull at Las Ventas bullring at Las Ventas Bullring on April 2, 2017 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images)

Getty Image / Europa Press

I’m staring at this picture and wondering what in the hell can possibly drive a man to become a bullfighter? There are plenty of dangerous sports in the world. Why put yourself in front of a 1,000-pound animal that wants to stick its horns through your throat? Go cage diving with great white sharks if all you want is to come face-to-face with deadly predators. Or go skydiving if you want to put your life at risk…Why fight a goddamn bull? I don’t get it.

Need another reason to believe that bullfighting isn’t worth the danger? Check out this story of a Mexican bullfighter who took a horn up his ass a few weeks ago.

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