Patriots Fans Are Furious With NY Journalist Who Wrote Scathing Piece About Gronk Being Washed Up

Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

New England Patriots fans are cautiously optimistic as their lovable buffoon and real life transformer Rob Gronkowski will take the field in Week 12 against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium.

Gronk has missed three of the Patriots’ last four games plagued by back and ankle injuries and it’s become undeniable that the 29-year-old’s longstanding history of injuries has affected his performance on the field. In seven games this season, Gronk has hauled in 29 receptions for under 500 yards and just 1 touchdown. The fact that Gronk is one season removed from an All-Pro season in which he posted 1,000+ receiving yards and 8 touchdowns in just 14 games after undergoing nine surgeries — three on his back, four on his forearm and one each on his ankle and knee — is unfathomable.

Manish Mehta, a New York Jets writer for the New York Daily News, ignited the biggest fears of Patriots fans by writing a scathing (and spiteful) piece about the decline of Rob Gronkowski. I guess when you’re 3-7 and in the basement of the AFC East, these kind of stories are appealing to opposing team’s journalists.

I will admit, the back page is pretty funny.

The piece doesn’t mince words when talking about the current state of Gronk.

If you love football, you want to remember Rob Gronkowski the way that he should be remembered: Strong, powerful and leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

You want to see him crush poor saps unlucky enough to be assigned to tackle him in the open field. You want to see him chugging – and spiking – beers on a parade float. You want to witness his God-awful dance moves as he tries to pry a smile out of Lord Vader on the sideline.

Alas, that Gronk is gone, replaced by this prideful wobbly 6-6, 268-pound dude plodding along like some tip-calculator-carrying resident of Del Boca Vista. His body is 29 going on 92. Watching him run around on the few fall Sundays that he’s actually available is cringe-worthy stuff.

Jesus bro, did Gronk fuck your wife?

Patriots fans were less than impressed.

Journalists need to have their hands held to the fire. If Gronk scores multiple touchdowns Sunday, Mehta should have to try to tackle Gronk in the open field. It’s only fair.

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