NY Jets Players Are Reportedly Furious At Owner Woody Johnson Over Racist/Sexist Remarks ‘He’s Got To Go’

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NY Jets players aren’t pleased with team owner Woody Johnson after it was revealed that he made racist and sexist remarks to his staff while working as the U.S. ambassador to the U.K.

On Wednesday afternoon CNN, reported that Johnson has been under investigation by the State Department he was accused of making racist and sexist comments to staff and sought to use his government position to benefit the President’s personal business in the UK.”

Johnson reportedly made “racist generalizations about Black men and questioned why the Black community celebrates Black History Month” while speaking to staff members.


In 2018, ahead of an event for Black History Month — commonly marked at US embassies around the world — Johnson appeared agitated and asked if the audience would be “a whole bunch of Black people,” according to one source.

Three sources said Johnson questioned why the Black community would want a separate month to celebrate Black history and argued that Black fathers didn’t remain with their families and that was the “real challenge.” One source said an official who heard the remarks was “stunned” and that the incident was documented and made known to both the OIG inspectors and a supervisor.

Johnson also allegedly made several remarks that his staff viewed as sexist.

According to one source, at certain public events, Johnson would start his remarks by quipping about how many pretty women were present — reducing them to decorative objects in a way a source described as “just sort of cringeworthy.”

Two sources said the ambassador indicated he preferred working with women, but he suggested that was because women were cheaper and worked harder than men.
He would also comment on the way that the women in the embassy were dressed, two sources told CNN.

Jets players have since reacted to the news and it looks like there could be a storm brewing in New York.

According to Sportico’s Mike Freeman, one Jets player said Johnson has “got to go” as NFL players consider plans to release a statement in the coming days to condemn the owner’s remarks.

Jets captain Jamal Adams took to Twitter to show his displeasure with Johnson’s remarks.

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