NYC Firefighter Accepted FREE Super Bowl Tix, But Is Forced To Pay A $4,000 Fine Due To StupidRule

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You guys want to hear some seriously messed up bullshit? How about I ask this question first: How many of us would take FREE tickets to the Super Bowl, under the assumption that there were absolutely no strings attached? I’m sure all of us wouldn’t even think twice and would start bragging to friends everywhere.

Well, NYC firefighter John Curatolo thought that he was doing what EVERY bro would do when he accepted free tickets to the Super Bowl in 2014 when it was played in the New York/New Jersey area.

After getting hooked up by NFL VP Anna Isaacson with whom Curatolo admitted to having a “friendly relationship” with after he helped coordinate street closures for a Super Bowl-related event in 2014, it turns out that the firefighter was actually breaking a dumbass rule, per Deadspin:

Last February 1st, the day before the Super Bowl in New Jersey, Isaacson told Curatolo that she had last-minute tickets to the game, and needed to give them to someone she could “trust to not sell them or allow others to sell them.” Instead, she said, Curatolo could give the tickets away to friends and family.

Agreeing to Isaacson’s terms, Curatolo gave away at least 21 tickets to other firefighters and attended the Super Bowl himself, violating the “Valuable Gift Rule” under which City employees are barred from accepting gifts valued over $50 from anyone who does business with the City.

In other words, after taking the tickets, going to the game and probably not thinking about it for nearly two years, John Curatolo’s on the hook to pay a $4,000 fine, while six of his colleagues have to pay $500 fines.

Shit, I hope the game was worth going to because this sucks major balls.

[H/T Deadspin]

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