NFL Fans Are Having Serious Deja Vu After Awful Nyheim Hines Injury On Thursday Night Football

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With Indianapolis Colts’ superstar running back Jonathan Taylor out injury, backups Nyheim Hines and Phillip Lindsay were expected to share the load.

Hines, a fifth-year back out of North Carolina State, got the start for Indianapolis. After an early drop, he caught a pass from Matt Ryan on third down and was tackled short of the sticks.

But after the play, Hines came up wobbly. He tried to walk off the field, but immediately staggered and needed to be supported by his teammates.

The frightening scene immediately sent football fans flashing back to the scary injury suffered by Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa just a week ago. Fans crushed the Dolphins for clearing Tagovailoa to play. The third-year QB suffered a similar injury just days prior against the Buffalo Bills.

The message from fans across the league was simple: do not let Hines back in the game.

The scary incident is just another reminder of how dangerous the game can be.