Oakland Raiders Owner Mark Davis Heartlessly Jabs Fans Following Final Home Game Before Move To Las Vegas

Mark Davis rips Oakland Raiders fans following final home game before moving to Las Vegas

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Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis sure doesn’t seem like he’ll miss the diehard fans that packed the team’s stadium each and every home game. How do I know? Because, following his team’s loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars the other day — the last home game in Oakland before the franchise relocates to Las Vegas next season — he all but blew them off in a postgame interview when asked about his feelings now that the team’s moving.

Talking on the field with a reporter, the Oakland Raiders owner sure didn’t mince words about his feelings on the team’s time in the Bay Area, pretty much taking a giant dump on the (sometimes) over-the-top fans. Just look at what Mark Davis said below, which is one of the most heartless jabs I’ve ever witnessed from an owner about his own fanbase.

As someone who lived through the Cleveland Browns relocating to Baltimore to become the Ravens in the mid-90s, I remember then Browns owner Art Modell being a real piece of shit towards our fanbase, nonchalantly and arrogantly pushing aside any emotional attachment from supporters. But Mark Davis’ comments (or lack thereof) about his Oakland Raiders fans is right up there, as he sheepishly tosses his team’s fans aside — and it’s a sad sight.

Unsurprisingly, once Twitter saw the video of Davis dogging his own fanbase, plenty of people ripped the guy. Take a look at what some on social media had to say.

The Oakland Raiders have been pathetic for a long time, and, while that’s not all on Mark Davis, as the owner of the franchise, he should be the one to blame for the mess that the once proud organization has become. And when you consider fans in The Black Hole packed a crappy stadium every weekend to support a product on the field that lacked discipline and talent, among other things, the fact that he brushed off those memories with zero emotion proves the guy is absolutely heartless. Raiders fans really did deserve better.

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