NFL Players React To The Oakland Raiders Moving To Las Vegas And Their Consensus Is Basically ‘LOL’


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Short of a family member dying, I cannot imagine a deeper grief than watching a team you’ve rooted for all your life pack up for a place that is the city equivalent of that dude at the gym named Chad. Do you try to muster up the energy to root for the team in its sexy new city? Do you just submit and become a Patriots fan? So many questions, and I’m not sure anyone in the Bay Area has an answer.

The Raiders received 31 of 32 possible votes from NFL owners during their annual meeting. The Dolphins were the only team who voted against the relocation. The team will play in the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum during the 2017 and 2018 seasons before the inevitable breakup with one of the NFL’s most loyally rabid fanbases in 2019.

NFL players, Raiders players included, posted their thoughts about the move on Twitter. The consensus for everyone who isn’t associated with the Raiders organization: “LOL.”

Raiders’ QB Derek Carr:

Raiders’ DT Justin Ellis:

Raiders’ Punter Marquette King:

Texans’ Offensive Guard Jeff Allen:

Seahawks’ Punter Jon Ryan:

Ravens’ Tight End Benjamin Watson:

Miami Dolphins’ linebacker Spencer Paysinger:

Free agent safety Ryan Mundy:

Giants’ WR Brandon Marshall:

The rest of the Twittersphere:

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