Oakland University Has An Awesome New Blacktop Basketball Court


Oakland University has unveiled a brand new basketball court and it’s bound to propel the team to a Horizon League title and, likely, a national championship. That’s how much I love it.


Much like Central Florida, the Grizzlies are turning their hardwood into faux blacktop.

“It’s completely black. There are some that have a lot of black, but this one’s completely black,” [coach Greg] Kampe said on Tuesday, giving 7 Action News cameras the first look at the new court.

The Golden Grizzlies head coach came up with the idea 10 years ago, when he was meeting with his staff. He took it to the administration at the time, who turned it down.

“We just kind of tabled it, and got a new athletic director who thought it was a heck of an idea,” he said of new AD Jeff Konya. “And here we are.”

The Grizzlies are quick to point out the entire court is black because it’s not often Michigan outcrazies Florida.