Oblivious TV Reporter Interviewing People About Road Rage Has No Idea He’s Talking To Adrian Peterson

First off, props to AP for not taking offense to this doofus who didn’t know who he was. Can you imagine if this nerd interviewed someone like Vontaze Burfict? That crazy motherfucker probably would have taken him out at the knees, put a pistol in his mouth and screamed “Say my name bitch!!”

AP was interviewed about road rage in Houston, Texas by Fox 26 reporter John Donnelley. Donnelly stopped the 31-year-old free agent in a parking lot to ask him about road rage, completely oblivious to the fact that the dude whose eyebrows have muscles and whose face has been plastered on TV for over a decade may be someone of importance.

Finally John comes around and realizes that Adrian is a football guy who taking a picture with may make his children finally respect him around the house. “Kids I got a picture with Andrew Petersons today! Want to play toss with the pigskin in the backyard?” “Blow me, dad.”

“Even more of a fan now,” John? What position does he play? No, the answer is not center field, John. Wrong sport.

[h/t Yahoo]

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