Odell Beckham Was So Banged Up He’s Just Thankful He’s Getting Out Of Bed Without Pain

Odell Beckham Jr.

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Not only did Odell Beckham Jr. land a lucrative — albeit one-year — contract with the Baltimore Ravens this offseason, but the 30-year-old former Pro Bowler is also feeling better than he has in some time.

During a Tuesday press conference in Baltimore, Beckham Jr. addressed his recovery from injury and expressed that he’s not only grateful to be back on a football field but to be able to get out of bed and “not feel pain.”

“It feels good to be able to get out of bed and not feel pain,” Beckham told reporters on Tuesday. “It feels good to feel like if I needed to take off running right now, I could take off running. It’s been a long journey this time around and it was its own process, so I just had to take that for what it was.”

Back in mid-April, the Baltimore Ravens officially signed Beckham Jr. to a 1-year, $15 million deal that could reach as high as $18 million.

The signing was certainly appreciated by franchise quarterback Lamar Jackson, who finally signed a new deal with a team just two weeks after Odell’s arrival, bringing an end to a years-long negotiation between him and the team that drafted him.

If Beckham Jr. is fully recovered and can return to the Pro Bowl form he’s displayed in the past, then the former New York Giant, Cleveland Brown, and Los Angeles Ram will likely be the best pass catcher that Jackson — who is still just 26 years old — has ever played with.

Jackson is certainly excited by the prospect of Beckham Jr’s talents, as well as the potential for the Ravens’ offense, as he said after signing his contract that he wants to throw for 6,000 yards, which would be the first time anyone has done that in the history of the National Football League.

The bookies are certainly expecting Jackson, Beckham Jr. and the Baltimore Ravens to be a contender next season as they currently have the eighth-shortest odds to win next year’s Super Bowl, trailing only the Chiefs, Eagles, Bills, Bengals, 49ers, Cowboys, and Jets.