Odell Beckham Jr. Is Reportedly Dating Amber Rose Which Means That Picture Of Him Giving Her Head Is Probably Real

by 3 years ago


A few months ago, a picture of someone who looked like Odell Beckham Jr going down on Amber Rose circulated around the internet. In the picture (which we can’t show here, but you can easily find on the Internet) you can see someone with Odell Beckham’s signature hair color going down on a girl that was rumored to be the controversial model.

When the rumors popped up, Beckham vehemently denied it was him in the picture.



Fast forward a few months later and now TMZ is reporting that Amber Rose and Beckham are indeed dating which basically confirms that the picture of him giving Amber head is probably real.


Beckham began pursuing Rose a few months ago — and they met through a mutual friend.

Since then, they’ve been texting and talking like crazy — and even went out on a few dates … including a romantic dinner to TAO restaurant in NYC last month.

We’re told the two really like each other.

Our sources tell us the couple has been doing all the cutsy stuff new couples do — with Odell even surprising Amber with a bouquet of white roses during a night out in NYC.

If that wasn’t enough, Beckham’s friend Mr.Hot Spot recently posted a Snapchat story that showed Rose hanging out at Beckham’s house.

Beckham went back on Twitter today to deny the rumors.


Most of us don’t care that Beckham is banging Amber Rose. Shit, if Beckham can get me two touchdowns for my fantasy team every week he could be banging Mama June for all I care. So I don’t get why he’s denying these rumors when the writing is already on the wall.

If I were in his shoes I’d probably bang Amber as well, she’s kind of hot in her own way.

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