Odell Beckham Jr. Goes On Twitter Rant After NFL Draft Airs His Love Affair With A Kicking Net In 2016

Al Bello/Getty Images

I am of the firm belief that Odell Beckham Jr. wakes up every morning and thinks, “How can I make this day about me?

Thursday night was no different. But in Odell’s defense, NFL Draft producers did him dirty.

In the montage video of New York Giants franchise moments in the lead-up to the Big Blue using the fourth pick of the 2020 NFL Draft on Georgia offensive tackle Andrew Thomas, producers decided to throw in Odell’s most infamous highlight: his roller coaster love affair with a kicking net in 2016.

Lest we never forget that the relationship got off on the wrong foot.

Odell evidently doesn’t look back at this relationship with rose-colored lenses, because he went Twitter and did that thing where you laugh so you don’t cry.

I guess I shouldn’t have DMed OBJ this gem then…

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