Your New Favorite Sibling Athletes, The O’Donovan Brothers, Gave One Of The Best Interviews Of All Time

I come from an Irish family, so I know from experience that any instance you can drink in honor of something, you do. Weddings, middle school graduations, death of a family member, the successful completion of the day’s yard work. The possibilities are endless. So I can really only imagine how bananas the after-party will be with the O’Donovan brothers, the Irish rowing team who earned a silver medal. These guys are probably going to have the whole pub doing ice luges. Sure, most of what they’re saying doesn’t actually make a lot of sense to me, but I’m still into it. It’s better than people just standing there and smiling. Give me something funny to work with at least.

As proof these guy’s aren’t a one-off, here’s them trying to explain their racing strategy.

[h/t Coed]