Here Are 6 More Offensive Socks Colin Kaepernick Has Been Seen Wearing At Practice

Colin Kaepernick has been under a microscope for a couple weeks for his stance against the National Anthem and police brutality in America. Yesterday, his fashion choices became a hot topic after the maligned QB decided to wear “pig cop” socks to practice.

The 49ers quarterback’s choice of footwear is actually old news, as he’s been wearing the pig socks for weeks. Many found the socks offensive, however, they’re not the most offensive pair in Kaepernick’s drawer.

Here are some other hosiery choices for Kaepernick to consider that will really turn fans, and the world, against him.

Paula Deen


Jim Harbaugh


Martin Shkreli

Martin 1

Jared Fogle


Kim Jong-un




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