Ohio Groomsmen Wear LeBron James Jerseys for Rare Worthwhile Wedding Photo

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Wedding photography is this nation’s greatest racket. These extortionists just sit back, relax and collect fat checks for snapping a few photos for couples who have long lost the ability to value money.

Except my wedding photographer, of course. If you’re reading this, Lynell, you were wonderful and we look at the photos every single day.

Nick Jones and Christa Deckard, two star-crossed lovers in Ohio, got their money’s worth this past weekend by establishing a great shot of groomsmen decked out in assorted LeBeon James jerseys.

Hell, doing something like this was a capital offense in the Buckeye State until a few weeks ago.

Jarred Wagner of Inlux Photo in Canton was the man behind the lens for the awesome photo, which he said was the groom’s idea and took two takes to nail.
“I quickly collected my jerseys and we got everything rolling,” Jones said, reacting ecstatically when he found out the news of LeBron’s decision Friday. “We pulled the photo off even better than I could expect.”

Meanwhile, wedding parties in Miami will soon start taking photos while pouring hydraulic acid over old James Heat jerseys — mostly because nothing could possibly go wrong.

[H/T: Bleacher Report]

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