Ohio State Coach Kerry Coombs Delivers Message On Adversity That Everyone Needs To Hear

ohio state coach kerry coombs adversity


  • Ohio State assistant coach Kerry Coombs delivered a powerful message on adversity that everyone can appreciate.
  • Coombs’ speech will have you ready to run through a wall.
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Ohio State’s defense got off to a very poor start this season allowing 66 points through two games, which included a loss at home to Oregon in which the Ducks put up 35 points. This led to harsh criticism of defensive coordinator Kerry Coombs, and ultimately his demotion from his playcalling duties.

Head coach Ryan Day handed the defensive playcalling duties to his secondary coach, Matt Barnes, following the Buckeyes’ loss to Oregon. While Coombs admitted that the change was the “hardest stretch of my professional career” he quickly got over it.

Instead of succumbing to the adversity, he looked it straight in the eye and owned it.

Earlier this week Coombs spoke to the media about the adversity he and the Buckeyes have faced this year and delivered one of the more powerful messages you’ll ever hear from a coach.

“Don’t accept criticism from someone you wouldn’t accept advice from,” Coombs said in part. “If you’re not willing to stand up and do the same thing then you’re a lier to all those people along life’s journey.”

“We talk about the brotherhood around here an awful lot. If you believe it, and you live, then when things get tough, it’s easy to be a brother when it’s 56-17 on Saturday afternoon. It’s hard to be a brother when you face adversity. It’s hard.

“If you’re here for the other men on this team, the other coaches and players on this team … if that’s truly what you believe then you’re here with them come heck or high water. You’re here fighting and struggling and scrapping.”

That, my friends, is the good stuff.