Ohio State Football Player With Incredible Name Goes Absolutely Crazy While Conducting The Band

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Ohio State Athletics

  • With the Ohio State vs. Michigan game on the horizon, it’s time for rivalry week to begin.
  • The Buckeyes kicked off the week with their Sunday night tradition of hosting a private concert with the band and it was lit.
  • When one of the cornerbacks was called up to direct the band, he went absolutely crazy with it.
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In terms of college football rivalries, none are bigger than The Game. When Ohio State and Michigan get together, no matter of the records, there is sure to be fireworks. The Buckeyes and their fans hate the Wolverines and their fans, and the Wolverines and their fans hate the Buckeyes and their fans.

After last year’s game was canceled due to COVID-19 concerns, this year’s game is even that much more important. AND both teams are 10-1 AND both teams are ranked in the Top 10.

The winner will have a firm shot at the College Football Playoff and the loser will miss out on the Top 4. It’s intense.

As rivalry week gets underway, one of the unique Ohio State traditions returned on Sunday night. Every year, the OSU football team and The Best Damn Band in the Land get together to kick things off.

It’s a great opportunity for the players to get loose and go crazy. It gets rowdy.

While the band performs a private concert to get the team pumped up, some of the players get the chance to conduct. When cornerback Lloyd McFarquhar Jr. — who has one of the best names in college football — got his chance to step up the ladder above the band, he did not squander it.

The 5-foot-9, 180-pound Ohio-native turned tf up. As the Buckeyes band played the school fight song, McFarquhar danced his ass off, hitting every beat with the baton.

The best part of his performance comes at the 30-second mark, when he and his teammates direct the call-and-response section.

McFarquhar thinks it might be time to pursue a career in music, and although that might not be in his best interest, his guest performance will live forever in history.

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