Ohio State Lineman Harry Miller Makes Incredible Announcement About Name, Image, Likeness

Harry Miller Nicaragua Name Image Likeness Donation

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  • When the NCAA granted athletes the ability to profit from name, image and likeness, it opened the door for amazing humanitarian opportunities.
  • Ohio State lineman Harry Miller is doing just that and he is a great example for what makes NIL great.
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Less than a year ago, the NCAA did not allow student-athletes to profit from their own names, images, and likenesses. Ohio State center Harry Miller is making them look foolish for waiting so long.

The junior from Georgia was recently named to the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team and has an awesome history of humanitarian work. Nearly ever year since he was in seventh grade, Miller has gone on a mission trip to Nicaragua.

Now, he is taking the opportunity to use his platform and take his efforts even further. He announced on Tuesday that he will donate his name, image and likeness earnings to those in Nicaragua who need it.

Every. Single. Dollar.

On his mission trips, Miller would help operate a school and distributed food and medicine to less-fortunate families in Los Brasiles.

“You don’t need much to have much,” Miller said to Spectrum Sports. “That’s probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned from Nicaragua.”

After Miller was named to the AFCA Good Works team, Allstate donated $10,000 to the charity of his choice. It further benefited those who live below the poverty line in Nicaragua.

Prior to receiving the honor, on July 1, the NCAA passed legislation that allowed an athlete to financially benefit off of his or her name, image and likeness. Miller immediately used that opportunity to give back.

He spent the summer selling merchandise through an online pop-up store and earned over $1,000. All of the profit went to Mission for Nicaragua.

Miller’s efforts is exactly what NIL is all about. College athletes can not only make money for themselves, but they can use their platforms to give back and make a difference.