Two Ohio State Linebackers Made A Perfect MTV ‘Cribs’ Parody And It’s The Most Brotastic Thing Ever

Ohio State Football has been killin’ it over the last month with prank videos. Now the Buckeyes have dropped my favorite thing today — An MTV ‘Cribs’ parody showing off the campus digs of linebackers Joe Burger and Craig Fada. It’s a perfect tour of a really nice college apartment. They call their TV a “C.o.D. station” because they (jokingly) say they’re top 100 Call of Duty player in the world. They have two silver bullets on their walls because they’re “all about that defense around here.”

Love that Craig Fada is such a Bro King that he has a secret drawer for all his tanks. And of course it’s right next to his giant bed where “all the magic happens.” Damn straight. There’s no doubt in my mind that both these dudes pull major ass.

And Joe Burger? Screw your Jordans! Like a true Bro, he has a closet full of Sperrys. The levels of Bro swag here are off the charts.

They even have a whip with some 22s. Good looks, boys. Wouldn’t be an episode of Cribs without some 22s.

Well done, boys. This is the most Bro-tastic shit we’ve watched in a long time. The bar has been set.

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