Member Of Ohio State Marching Band Nails 55-Yard Field Goal, Gets Asked To Try Out For The Team

by 2 years ago

Ohio State University marching band member, Austin Brizee, can play the shit out of a trumpet (I assume). Turns out, he can also kick the shit out of a football. And we never would have known if his friend didn’t bet him a burrito at Chipotle that he couldn’t make a 55-yard field goal.

Most of us can’t make a 55-yard field goal without the help of gale force winds coupled with at least three other simultaneous acts of God. Brizee apparently had no idea if he could either, because he allegedly never tried it until his buddy bet him a fucking burrito.

After tweeting the field goal blast at Urban Meyer, they got a response from Eron Hodges, the Assistant Director of Player Personnel for OSU.


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