The Internet Reacts To OJ Simpson Being The Voice Of Reason In The Will Smith/Chris Rock Situation

OJ Simpson

  • OJ Simpson became the latest celebrity to give his thoughts on the Will Smith/Chris Rock slap.
  • The Internet had hilarious reactions to Simpson’s comments about the Smith/Rock situation.
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It’s OJ Simpson’s turn to chime in on the Will Smith/Chris Rock situation.

On Sunday night, Smith slapped Rock in the face during the Oscars for making fun of his wife’s bald head with a G.I. Jane joke.

Since then, everyone and their mother has had an opinion on the matter, including O.J. Simpson, who shared thoughts on his Twitter feed.

“It was unfortunate, I think Will was wrong, look I understand the feeling, in my life I’ve been through a lot of crap and every comedian in the country had an O.J. routine, don’t think I wouldn’t want to slap one of those guys but you gotta accept that it’s humor and I didn’t even think that it was all that egregious, I thought it was semi-unfunny joke.

Of course, the Internet had hilarious reactions to O.J.’s comments.

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