OJ Simpson Speaks Out On Josh Allen And Deion Sanders In Viral Twitter Video

OJ Simpson

Getty Image / Jason Bean-Pool

The fact that disgraced Hall of Fame running back OJ Simpson has a Twitter account and acts like everything about his life is completely normal is truly a sign of the end times. And, like always, OJ shared his thoughts on recent football happenings involving Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders and Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen prior to the start of games on NFL week 2 Sunday.

Who asked for acquitted murderer and convicted armed robber OJ Simpson’s regular thoughts on football? I’m not completely sure. But, the former USC Trojan and Buffalo Bills legend has 875k followers, so people are clearly listening.

He spoke to the camera today in a Josh Allen jersey.

And, he’s still pretty high on the Buffalo Bills quarterback, despite Josh Allen’s Monday Night Football performance that saw him throw three interceptions and lose a fumble in one of the worst performances of his career.

I want to talk about number 17, one of the best players in the NFL, who’s been taking a whole lot of heat this week. But hey, I’m there for him, 1,000%. Every great player have (sic) a bad game. I remember one game in Miami early in my career. I had done something the night before (that) I’m not going to talk about, that I’d never did before,I would never do after. And I ended up gaining 11 yards in 12 carries. Yes 11 yards and 12 carries. So, he had one bad game. That’s one bad game and every great player, look at Joe Burrow. He had basically a horrible game for him this week. So, it happens. But’ we’re going to be seeing him bouncing back against my hometown Raiders.

I’m not going to even attempt a guess at what OJ did the night before that game that he won’t talk about.

OJ Simpson went on to talk about Deion Sanders, who he said was the reason he was wearing dark sunglasses for the video, as that’s Coach Prime’s signature look. Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes eked out a double overtime win against rival Colorado State well after midnight on the East Coast, 43-35. The Buffs lost star Travis Hunter to an injury off a cheap shot, and trailed by 11 points in the fourth quarter. But, a stunning 98-yard touchdown drive and tying two-point-conversion in the two-minute drill orchestrated by his son, Shedeur Sanders tied the game with under a minute remaining.

Okay, Deion Sanders. Look, I think you rate a great coach by what he does in a tight game. Not when he’s running away from teams because he’s got too much speed and too much talent for the opponent, but when he’s in a knockdown drag out game like they were in last night. That’s how you rate a great player and you could say Colorado State was not a good team. Wait a minute. When USC plays UCLA, it doesn’t matter what the records are. When Ohio State plays Michigan, when Southern plays Grambling, it doesn’t matter what the records are those games, (it’s) a shootout between rival games. so Colorado State and Colorado,knew it would be a rivalry game and it would probably be a tough game. And Deion Sanders came through in a big way with his team.

People out there are tuning in to these videos, as OJ Simpson had 87,000 views on this clip in just over an hour.