OKC Thunder Star Andre Roberson Gets Called Out For Leaving $13 Tip On $487 Bill After Signing $30 Million Contract

by 2 years ago

NBA players are getting paid an absurd amount of money this offseason and it seems like everyone is aware of exactly how much they make. Last night, OKC Thunder forward celebrated his new $30 million contract by having some drinks with some friends at the Chupacabra Cantina in Austin, TX.

The guy who served Roberson and his boys was not happy that the OKC Thunder star left him a $13 dollar on a $487 bill the same day it was announced that he was set to make $30 million.

Roberson claims the dude just brought him over a bottle and didn’t deserve a tip.

C’mon bro, you just made $30 million. No need to be stingy with the bottle service guy.

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