WATCH: Oklahoma’s Sooner Schooner Flips Over And Horses Run Wild On The Field

Oklahoma's Sooner Schooner mascot wagon flips over and horses run wild during game.

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire / Contributor

While most colleges have furries as mascots, Oklahoma has a real wagon being pulled by real horses. Pretty cool. Pretty cool up until the moment that the horses go nuts and crash the Sooner Schooner. That’s what happened in Saturday’s Oklahoma football game against West Virginia.

The white horses pulling the Sooner Schooner got a little too excited for Oklahoma’s touchdown in the second quarter and ditched the replica Studebaker Conestoga wagon. The accident was so intense that it ripped the Sooner Schooner apart and flipped the wagon on its side.

People on the wagon were flung to the ground, some had to be helped off the field. Meanwhile, the ponies ran wild for a couple of seconds until they were reigned in near the tunnel.

The wheels of the wagon detached from the body of the Schooner. OU’s spirit squad had to carry the wheel-less Sooner Schooner off the field.

This isn’t the first time that the Sooner Schooner crashed. In the 1993 incident known as the “Sooner Schooner Mooner,” Oklahoma’s wagon crashed during a game against Colorado, and two people were injured, one was hospitalized.

In 2018, a man was dragged from the Sooner Schooner, but refused to stop waving the Oklahoma flag.

Maybe having furries as your school’s mascot is the safer way to go.