Super Bowl 57 Turf Developers Throw NFL Under The Bus For Horrendous Field Conditions

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It’s been nearly one whole week since the Kansas City Chiefs took a 38-35 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 57.

And yet the game, and in particular the state of the field, is still a major topic of discussion.

The turf, which was developed by scientists at Oklahoma State University and named “Tahoma 31”, caused players to slip and slide throughout the game.

But no one seems to know why. And no one is taking the blame.

Oklahoma State even bragged about the field prior to the game.

Oklahoma State Throws NFL Under The Bus For Super Bowl 57 Turf Issues

Now the school is once again talking about what went wrong. And it’s placing the blame directly at the feet of the NFL.

The university told Dean Ruhl of The Tulsa World that the NFL opted to use a top layer of grass that caused the slippage.

“While OSU scientists developed and patented Tahoma 31, they had no role in creating or preparing the field for Super Bowl LVII. Tahoma 31 was used for the base layer, but the field also was seeded with a top layer of ryegrass, which has slick leaf surfaces when damp. That and other factors may have contributed to traction issues during play.”

The statement also pointed out that the Philadelphia Eagles used the same turf at Lincoln Financial Field for their 2022 home games.

“The Philadelphia Eagles played on Tahoma 31 at Lincoln Financial Field during the 2022 season, including the NFC Championship Game two weeks ago. Tahoma 31 is widely used at high-profile sites across the country, including the Arkansas Razorbacks’ stadium, which was recognized as the 2022 College Football Field of the Year by the Sports Field Management Association.”

Not a great look for the NFL! Between the turf issues and allegations that games are scripted, the league currently has a series image issue.